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Today we are going to teach you how to cook prawns, prawns, and prawns, so that the seafood you put on your table these days festive or any Sunday, they are perfect, with all their flavor, with the meat very firm and that can be peeled well.

As for the cooking times for each type of shellfish, they vary little, one minute for prawns and between one and two minutes for prawns. The prawns may need two and a half minutes because they have more meat. It is important not to overdo these times because otherwise, we would spoil the cooking, and it is also very important to cut the cooking in cold water with salt.

Another question would be if we know the differences between prawns, prawns, and prawns. Especially these last two, similar in size, can raise many doubts that we will clear below, as well as some indications about the properties of this type of shellfish for our health.

Let’s see in detail how to cook prawns and prawns.

Recipe for cooking prawns


cocer langostinos

  • 1 kg of prawns
  • 5 level tablespoons of salt
  • 3 liters of water

For brine

    • 3 liters of water
    • Plenty of ice
    • 5 level tablespoons of salt

How to cook fresh prawns

cómo cocer langostinos

We cook the prawns

      • On the one hand, we put a large bowl or a large pot with 3 liters of cold water, add the salt and stir until to dissolve. We add ice.
      • On the other hand, we put a large pot with 3 liters of water and 100 g of salt, when the water is boiling, add the prawns, all at the same time.
      • The water will stop boiling, you have to wait for it to boil again, and leave it for 1 to 2 more minutes. If you do not want to count the time, you must remove them just at the moment in which the prawns change color, you can see it in the images. On this occasion, we have prepared half a kilo and it took a minute and a half to cook.
      • It is important that the prawns have enough space, so if you have many it is better to do it by batches, waiting for the water to return to a boil between each batch.

We cut the cooking

cocer langostinos

    • We took them out immediately and put them in the container of ice water and salt that we had prepared.
  • Leave in the salted water and ice for five or ten minutes.
  • Drain on absorbent kitchen paper and ready.

Langostinos cocidos

Cooking time for fresh prawns

To cook fresh prawns, the procedure is the same as for prawns.

  • Prepare a saucepan with cold water with ice and salt that we will use to cut the cooking.
  • We put a pot to boil with 3 liters of water and 5 level tablespoons of salt and when it starts to boil add the prawns.
  • As soon as it starts to boil again we turn off the heat and leave the prawns for one minute with the saucepan covered.
  • We take the saucepan with the water with ice and salt and leave a couple of minutes.
  • We take out and put on absorbent kitchen paper to absorb the water.

gambas cocidas receta

How to cook frozen prawns and prawns

Remember that always the frozen prawns and prawns are cheaper. Nothing happens, just to make them look good we have to let them thaw little by little and we have to cook them when they are completely thawed if we cook them frozen the water would take a long time to heat up and start boiling again and they would not look good.

cocer langostinos congelados

We, therefore, recommend that you defrost them a day before in the lower part of the refrigerator so that they are as good as fresh seafood, placing them on a drainer, and this on a deep plate as they will release a lot of water.

How to serve cooked prawns and prawns

The cooked prawns are a starter for any special meal, which you can serve alone or with a sauce, like a Homemade Mayonnaise


receta langostinos cocidos

Regarding the cooked prawns, in addition to alone, you can use them for example to make a prawn cocktail or a Prawn salad

Tips for cooking prawns and prawns

The proportion of brine for cooked prawns

The proportion is about 3 tablespoons for every liter of water. We leave more or less time in the water depending on how salty we like them, although we don’t have to worry much because they usually only absorb the salt they need.

How to preserve cooked prawns and prawns

If you are not going to take them at the moment, we wrap them in a wet cloth to prevent them from drying out and store them in the refrigerator.

Get a prawn or shrimp meat just right and that peel easily

The trick is not to overcook the prawns or prawns. To prevent it from happening to us, we will have prepared a large bowl with salted water and a lot of ice, in this way we will slow down the cooking and ensure that the prawn and prawn are just right, with the meat firm.

propiedades langostinos y gambas

Differences between prawns, prawns, and prawns

It is clear that they all look alike and are delicious, and as a characteristic, They all provide a large number of beneficial nutrients and vitamins to our body. As for the animal species prawns, prawns, and prawns, they are decapods, that is, species with ten legs. Among them are lobsters, prawns, prawns, spider crabs, and crabs.

So what is the difference between prawns, prawns, and prawns?

Size difference

It is perhaps the most obvious, although in the case of prawns and prawns there may be confusion. The prawn is much smaller (between 6 and 10 centimeters) than the prawn, which is much larger (between 12 Y 20 centimeters). The proportion of the head is also more disproportionate in prawns, whose head is much smaller than their body, something that is not the case with prawns that are more proportionate

cómo cocer langostinos Difference of color

Although there are many different species of both, prawns range from white to pink and orange, while prawns tend to have colors tending to brown and pink. As for the prawn, its tone is more orange than the other two.

cocer langostinos frescos

Taste difference

It is in the taste where there are more differences between games and prawns on the one hand, and prawns on the other, since the flavor of the prawn is very similar to that of the prawn, with a mild flavor, a more tender texture, and with much more meat. The prawn, for its part, has an intense flavor and tougher and drier meat once cooked. There is a great variety in the market, of all prices … from those that come from frozen Pacific areas to fresh ones from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, those tiger prawns that accompanied by a chamomile taste like blessed glory.

Regarding prawns, there are basically two varieties: the white prawn, which is the most common and economical. ca, although we must highlight the white prawn from Huelva, whose flavor is fine and delicate, and the red prawn, which is somewhat larger, with more intense color, and more flavor, among which those from Denia or Palamós and the red prawn from Garrucha, Almería, with the designation of origin.

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Properties of prawns, prawns, and prawns

langostinos cocidos receta

This type of shellfish has a high nutritional value and low-fat content, providing proteins of high biological value, in addition to being a source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine. Regarding vitamins, its contribution to vitamin B should be highlighted 12.

However, their concentrations of purine and cholesterol are relatively high, so they are suitable for all diets, except for people with high cholesterol problems, those with high uric acid, or those who must eat a diet with salt restriction.